DCL Security’s background screening and vetting check contains the latest recommendations set out by the British Standards Institution. This ensures the background screening (vetting) of individuals employed in an environment where the security and safety of people, goods or property is a requirement of the employing organisation’s operations or where such security screening is in the public interest.


This new standard came into effect in 2013 and is widely considered to be the ‘Industry Standard’ for vetting personnel throughout the entire employment spectrum and not just confined to the security industry for which it was originally intended.


BS 7858:2012 recommends that the individual’s address history should be checked and also gaps in employment are more thoroughly investigated.


Pre - employment Screening to British Standard BS 7858:2012 is carried our for all DCL Security employees via our Vetting Department.


The BS 7858:2012 comprises of the following checks to which DCL Securiy vigoursily adhere to:


Identity checks

• ID confirmation

• Five years address history

• Right to Work check

• Character references

• SIA Licence check


Financial checks

• Bankruptcy / Insolvency / IVA

• CCJ (Up to £10,000)

• Credit score


Employment Checks

• Five or 10 years employment history

• Gap referencing (more indepth and extended to 31 days)


Criminal records

• Basic Disclosure


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